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suggestion...New directory old dierctory

PostPosted: 04. June 2007 07:45
by ironmansp
Hello boys:

If I install a new release( 1.6.2) in my pc when I have an old version (1.6.1) installed the default directory to install is c:\ xampp, but I have it installed in c:\mis webs

It would be interesting to create a system var which contains the installation directory, so when I will install the 1.6.2 release it will take this directory var and suggest to install in the directory c:\mis webs , that it is the directory I have installed since 1.5.4

PostPosted: 04. June 2007 15:15
by Codesmith
Why not switch to the zip version. You put it where you want then click a file and it will update all the paths for you.