settings of security, how to enable?

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settings of security, how to enable?

Postby arwen » 04. June 2007 05:07

first, am using Xampp in windows

my problem is that i want to enable de security that provides xampp (Openssl) but dont know wicho modifications i need to do on wich conf files...?

i want to enable HTTPS, for the comunication with the server in the apliacations...

how can i do..? what i need to change..?

please, help! :(
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Postby Codesmith » 04. June 2007 16:29

You title is a bit confusing, best to refer to SSL as encryption rather than security.

SSL is already setup for you.

The installed certificate isn't registered with the appropriate authorities and is only good for localhost and

You will get a security warning from the local computer using https:
You won't be able to access via https at all from other computers.

What you really need is to generate a proper certificate and then give money to one of the certifying agencies and have then "sign" it. They are supposed to verify that you are who you claim to be.

I am not sure
if the certificate is locked to a both a domain name and permanent IP address or just to a domain name?

Also I think you might have to be a business officially registered somewhere before they will sign your certificate.

This is usually a matter of notifying the proper authorities and paying a small fee. This also prevents other local businesses from operating under the same business name.
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