Weird apache problem

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Weird apache problem

Postby Hohenheim » 03. June 2007 14:02

I installed XAMPP on my PC, which uses Windows XP SP2. I was able to see and configure my website through localhost, but when i tried to get other people to see my webpage, they say it was timed out. I've forwarded the necessary ports on my router, and I'm sure i set the http port to 80. I've also tried doing it on my laptop which uses vista premium, and it works on the laptop. I've already tried reinstalling XAMPP on my PC, but still the same results. Anybody have a solution or know what the problem is?
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Postby Sean-Michael » 03. June 2007 19:27

Do you have a domain name, I ask because you where pretty vague with this information.

I would think this is a firewall issue or DNS?
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Postby Codesmith » 04. June 2007 02:13

The external user has to be using the right ip address.

The router has to correctly forward communication sent to the external ip address to the correct internal ip address.

Windows then has to permit the communication pass through its firewall.

Finally the web sever has to be working.

Run tests to see which of these things is not happening.

Some tips.

Don't use the router's DHCP server to assign IP addresses. Because then the internal ip addresses will constantly change base on the order in which the computers connect to the network.

I tell the DHCP server not to use numbers below 110, then manually assign numbers 100-109 to systems permanently connected to my home network.

If your external IP isn't static use a dynamic IP service and install a client to send updates when your IP changes.

When faced with a network problem test to see if its a firewall issue by temporarily disabling your firewall.
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