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Upgrade from XAMPP 1.5.3 to 1.6.1

PostPosted: 24. May 2007 11:52
by psprojects

I've searched the forum but not found a specific answer to this but I'm sorry if I've missed it and am repeating a topic.

I'm currently running XAMPP 1.5.3 and think it's time to upgrade to 1.6.1. However I'm aware that it's quite a leap and am slightly nervous about just upgrading as the last upgrade I did a long time ago caused a lot of hassle and extra work.

Is it safe to use the 1.6.1 Upgrade Installer package and let XAMPP work things out or am I at risk of creating a lot of problems and lost data later?

Obviously I'd backup databases before upgrading just in case I need to restore them later but is there anything else I should do?

Thanks in advance