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XAMPP installation for 30 user intranet - Reassure me?

PostPosted: 22. May 2007 04:54
by sophie_k

I've put together a simple web application for a call centre, using PHP and MYSQL, running on XAMPP.
It has all worked quite smoothly so far, but soon we will go live with 30 users. As I've never done that before, I'd appreciate some reassurance from experienced users and maybe some tips too.

Details are as follows:
1. A new Pentium PC running Windows XP acts as a server to 30 other PCs.
2. MYSQL database with 10 tables and about 50,000 records
3. About 1 PHP page request per second, which would have 2-3 SELECT and or UPDATE / INSERT queries.

Is this a large load for the server? Are there any issues I need to consider? Any other advice which may be helpful?


XP Connection Limit

PostPosted: 30. May 2007 20:53
by Snoopy.pa30

I don't want to scare you, but you might need to look into the issue of XP connectivity.

I have read (a while ago) about XP limiting connections to 10.

I am not sure what that will translate into - only 10 machines can connect, or only 10 concurrent?

All I can say is TEST, TEST, TEST.

Good luck and let us know how it goes.


PostPosted: 31. May 2007 09:43
by sophie_k
Hi Snoopy,

I've had the intranet site live for a week, and it has gone extremely successfully. MYSQL queries do not take any time at all, even with 25 PCs active.
Backing up is simple too - I am able to copy the entire XAMPP directory to another computer, and start the copy without any loss of data.
No problems in limiting connectivity, it has all gone smoothly.

I would recommend this solution to anyone!


PS you are right about TESTING though - I wish I could have tested all the PHP pages more thoroughly, that would have saved a few stressful hours.


PostPosted: 01. June 2007 02:50
by Snoopy.pa30

That is GREAT to Hear.


Some off topic tips

PostPosted: 01. June 2007 16:46
by Codesmith
Your site sound like its important to your company's daily operations.

Have a step by step written plan in place to minimize downtime WHEN the PC hosting the intranet site fails.

(BTW believing the server's software to be infallible and the hardware immortal isn't the best plan, despite its overwhelming popularity )

You don't need a dedicated backup, just another PC in the office with a properly configured XAMPP and MySQL replication server. (Setting up a MySQL replication servers isn't as scary as it sounds, and once its setup it takes care of itself)

Then at a convenient time pretend the main server's hard drive failed and switch to the alternate taking detailed notes along the way.

(If even a little downtime is unacceptable there are more complicated things you can do so that when one server fails the other automatically takes over. )

Anyway just a suggestion.