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Using Sharing in Intranet

PostPosted: 21. May 2007 16:18
by tvks
Hi all,

I have installed XAMPP in my system and my PHP programs are working fine. If I want all people in my intranet (within my office to use my programs) its not working


is not working. I heard from one of my friend that I have to give access to all of them. What should I do ?

Kindly help me. Please explain step by step.



Also tell me how to change my forum language to English.

Changing forum language to English

PostPosted: 22. May 2007 23:04
by Eric Pement
tvks wrote:Also tell me how to change my forum language to English.

Select the icon at the top showing a little picture of a person, labelled "Profil".
Navigate to choose:

Profil > Einstellungen > Board-Sprache > English

Click "Absenden" [Submit] at the bottom of the profile. This will change the messages and prompts to English.


PostPosted: 30. May 2007 16:08
by Snoopy.pa30

Not sure why you have people trying http://ip_address:80/
as it should default to port 80 for your Apache server from the web browser anyway. But for what it is worth, try http://ip_address/

Also, due to the assumed security on your intranet, have you tried logging in to one of the other computers as you and connecting?

Hope this helps.

Solved Solution

PostPosted: 04. June 2007 11:12
by tvks
Hi Snoopy,

I have solution to the problem has been discovered (accidentally). The problem was that apache was not getting loaded into the memory of the system. Hence port 80 was let aloof.

I had to un-install apache and re-install the whole (apache, mysql) and there it started to work.

Thanx for the help tried.