Local host setup / basic configuration

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Local host setup / basic configuration

Postby amansker » 18. May 2007 19:58

I set up and had XAMPP working great a year ago. Rebuilt computer a few months back and now having problems again. For some reason I cannot locate a FAQ on the issues I have. Wrote notes last time, but they have disappeared.

I'm a web developer and need to preview .php files locally. That's all I really need to work.

Windows XP SP2
XAMP 1.5.1 installed and working

XAMP is installed on C:/Program Files/etc . . .

My developement files are at D:/My Documents/__WWW/etc.

Modified httpd-xampp.conf by adding (all correct paths):

Alias /manskerconsulting.com "D:/My Documents/___WWW_MANSKER/Mansker Consulting DEV"
<Directory "D:/My Documents/___WWW_MANSKER/Mansker Consulting DEV">
AllowOverride AuthConfig
Order allow,deny
Allow from all

Modified Windows HOSTS file: localhost manskerconsulting.com

http://localhost/xampp/ opens XAMPP home page as it should.

When I go to preview mode in Dreamweaver it opens:

Which also shows the same XAMPP home page

I need the DW preview to show my web site at:
D:/My Documents/___WWW_MANSKER/Mansker Consulting DEV

Any help is appreciated.
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Postby lostndazed » 19. May 2007 17:32

Modified Windows HOSTS file:

I've found that I had better results modifying the LMHOSTS file.
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Postby amansker » 19. May 2007 19:39

I modded LMHOSTS.sam, removed mod in HOSTS and got the same result.


>>> manskerconsulting

Any other suggestions? Thanks.
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