Installed 1.6.1 and Apache wont start!

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Installed 1.6.1 and Apache wont start!

Postby b3n » 17. May 2007 15:46


I was using xampp version 1.5 and I used the installer to install 1.6.1 over the top (C:\Program Files\xampp\)

However Apache wouldn't start, so I un-installed 1.6.1.

I then re-installed 1.6.1 into a new location: C:\xampp

It all seemsed to install ok but now it 's even more broken! Nothing will start - not Apache or MySQL! :cry:

Can someone PLEASE advise me as to what I need to do to get my localhost back?

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Postby cmaurand » 08. June 2007 12:25

I had the same trouble. Check the apache and mysql service settings in your registry. The installer does not set them to the right path. I had the same problem when I installed 1.6.2. MySQL started, but apache wouldn't. I discovered it by checking the event viewer.
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