I'm no expert but I put it all together and it works

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I'm no expert but I put it all together and it works

Postby anyoneyoubet » 14. May 2007 15:03

I have been trying to get a web site at my home for what seams like for ever.
I started with Frontpage what a peace of crapp.
Then I looked into apache and I said thats for me.
Now I got a server with nothing to serve, so I went searching again.
found a web site to serve it's a PHPBB. looked at others but to much work.
I wanted something simple.
I found XAMPP and fought with it for days.
OK then the lite version that's for me.
and then a little peace of code. to keep the xampp in the back ground just in case someone wants to hack me.
a new start page to confuse the bots.
and then a way to let others connect to my page DNS free service.
I did not want to have a big web site with a lot of traffic, just something that I could be able to control at my home.
Here is what I got:

1) DNS service

2) PHPBBS3 get the CVS version

3)XAMPP Lite

and they are all free, free is good.

my site still needs a little work, but if you would like to see it

you may have to hit cancel a few times to get past the XAMPP User login
I'm still working on that.
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