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localhost directory

Postby pmertz » 11. May 2007 17:05

I am having some issues with locating the root level directory for my xampp set up. I need to create a new directory for a site set up. Any ideas about what I am doing incorrectly?

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Postby anyoneyoubet » 13. May 2007 21:22

"/htdocs" is the folder for your web site you can make a new dir and put it in "/htdocs/YOURDIR"
there are two files you need to look at.
index.html is a dummie web page you can use it for your site. you must rename the file below for it to be read.
index.php this is the defalt start page... it will start the XAMPP you need to start this to do some setups, but when you are done, you can edit it with note pad and change the "XAMPP" to "YOURDIR" for you web page.
I am looking at not removing the XMAPP dir and using it to buld a web site around it.
Meaning I want to use some of its feachers to make my web more sucure.
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