Why I can't start mysql service using mysql_installservice?

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Why I can't start mysql service using mysql_installservice?

Postby kenthan » 10. May 2007 21:55

Why I can't start mysql service using mysql_installservice.bat?

The error is System error 1067 has occured.

If I use Xampp Control, I can start mysql as service. But why I can't use mysql_installservice.bat??

I need to use it because I am trying to produce a Xampp launcher to start Apache and Mysql as service. So my Xampp Launcher will call mysql_installservice.bat and apache_installservice.bat.

Apache can be started as service without problem. But mysql can not be started as service. I try just to start mysql without service. Mysql can be started surprisingly. I stopped mysql and try to start it as service using mysql_installservice.bat, it does not work. Mysql can not be started as service.

I am using latest Xampp verson 1.6, just downloaded.

Can some give solution to this?
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Postby rob.westerby » 18. May 2007 10:16

I had the same problem, with XAMPP installed on drive D:

XAMPP 1.6 seems to have a bug which prevents the service from starting properly on any drive other than C:.

To fix it, edit the file X:\xampp\mysql\bin\my.cnf and change any lines containing "/xampp" to "D:/xampp", where D: is the drive where XAMPP is installed.

For example, I changed the following lines from this:


To the following:


Then in the XAMPP control panel, remove then re-add the tick from the MySQL 'Svc' box. The service should now start OK.
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