Blank Page Issue

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Blank Page Issue

Postby Marzim_Taim » 07. May 2007 06:03


Recently i've had to rebuild my pc since it had a major issue with a power surge. Since then i've installed Xampp on this system.

On my old system i had no issues with installation nor loading pages.
Now on this new system i get http://localhost/ or refusing to load. They just stay there as if trying to load and only a blank white page is there.. i've left it for upwards of 30 mins (just to see if that would help) to no avail.

I've manually installed the xampp index.php file into firefox to see if it was just a routing issue with page location but that loads with what appears to be 90% of the code/page missing.

I feel that something hasen't been loaded correctly or is blocking something but have no idea what.

So far i've spent 2 days trying to work this out to no avail.

So... help? Got any clues?
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Postby Vedmidek » 08. May 2007 12:02

Adding "Win32DisableAcceptEx" to your "httpd.conf" and then start Apache
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Postby Marzim_Taim » 08. May 2007 12:59

Excellent, thanks for that line. It worked completely. You are a complete champion!
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