How to change php.ini settings?

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How to change php.ini settings?

Postby Jack91 » 26. April 2007 21:23

Hi everyone, i'm an young italian n00b! Excuse for not the mastery of the language... :D

Yes, my problem is: how can I change the php.ini settings?

If you think that I am a little poor idi*t, 'cause i can change from php.ini file in php directory, well, I've just think it!

But nothing happen! :evil:
Yes, I've restart Xampp!

Specifically, I want to change allow_url_include from off to on, but it does not change! That is, it changes (really) in php.ini but not in phpinfo() and in the normal use!

Helpme plzzzzzz! :(

p.s.: windows vista SO (Xampp work!)
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Postby kevinduke » 27. April 2007 07:19

Are you changing the correct file ?

Should be

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Postby Jack91 » 27. April 2007 14:10

Thanks a lot! :D

It Was that!
So to what it serves ../xampp/php/php.ini ?
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