Cannot load mcrypt extension.

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Cannot load mcrypt extension.

Postby Shizzle » 26. April 2007 19:15

I get this message when I login to phpmyadmin, everything still works but does this need to be fixed?

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Cannot load mcrypt extension. Please check your PHP configuration.

When I tried to change the php.ini to enable the extention then I restart the server then I refresh the browser I get logged out and then when I log back in it always sends me to the last database that I was using before I enabled the extention, and no matter what I do it always goes to that same database. So I disable the extention and was just wondering if it is needed.

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Postby Starrie » 28. April 2007 04:40

it does not need yo be fixed, but it lookas better when you dont have that there....

dont you find?

activation instructions are @
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