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Page not found after installation

PostPosted: 25. April 2007 12:56
by pkay
Hello all,

I am using a laptop running Windows XP SP2. I installed XAMPP version 1.6.1 then
try pointing to http://localhost/ in my web browser but the result was a page not found.

I try pinging localhost in command prompt and the result was 100% success.
I disable windows firewall, anit-spyware software and anti-virus software but still can not solve the problem.

Are there anything else I need to check in order to make XAMP work on my laptop?

Any reply would be appreciated.

PostPosted: 30. April 2007 00:05
by ldivinag

PostPosted: 11. May 2007 15:35
by BrianN
Same problem here... Running XP Pro SP2.

ping to localhost and both work fine, but can't access either using http://localhost etc. It brings up a "username and password" box and none of the data in the readme file works. If I try entering any of the names/pwds I get:
error '8002801c'

Error accessing the OLE registry.

/iisHelp/common/500-100.asp, line 17

Edit - Please ignore post. A reboot got it all working! Typical...