Dreamweaver CS3: FLV plays on HDD freezes on Apache 2.2.4

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Dreamweaver CS3: FLV plays on HDD freezes on Apache 2.2.4

Postby JanDW » 24. April 2007 22:37


I've embedded a .flv file in a webpage using the designated function in Dreamweaver CS3.
When I make dreamweaver preview it in my browser (file://) It works fine.
However the same location is also accessible via apache 2.2.4 that I have running locally for testing.
So when i change it to http://localhost/somedir/ it accesses the same files as the preview did.
At first everything seems normal, but it stops playing very quickly, and just hangs in the exact same spot each time.
Clicking the stop/play button again doesn't even restart it.
I also tested with another file i downloaded from youtube, but the exact same problem occurred there.
No error appears in the browser (FF 2, IE7), as said it just freezes.
There is nothing to be seen in the apache errorlog either.
I've tried putting 'video/x-flv flv' in mime.types
and I've also tried putting a .htaccess file in the siteroot (where the flv and swf files are)

AddType video/x-flv flv
AddType application/x-shockwave-flash swf

And then restarted apache, all to no avail.

Your help will be greatly appreciated,

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