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Xampp help

PostPosted: 13. September 2003 20:31
by gtghm
I installed the xampp on my winXP pro system as described.
It was working but then I stopped it for about a week.
When I went to restart it it would not start.

I have uninstalled and reinstalled it twice according to the instructions.
Here is a link that describes in detail what the problem is and what I have done.

Thanks for your help.

PostPosted: 16. September 2003 16:25
by Guest
Any body???

PostPosted: 16. September 2003 18:04
by nemesis here you are :)

it's not normal when apache needs for longer time much cputime!
i see 25% in your screen for the problem look at the post above.

PostPosted: 16. September 2003 23:19
by Guest
Thanks I'll give that a try, I'll bet thats it.

By the way the 99-100% CPU usage is because I have 4 folding clients working in the background full time... When my system is not using CPU cycles for regular it uses them to crunch protiens for the Folding@home project...


PostPosted: 17. September 2003 05:25
by Guest
That was it... The 2.x versions of Apache are still not compatible with McAfee... I installe 1.38 and all is good.

I hope they get that fixed soon...


PostPosted: 17. September 2003 09:42
by nemesis
uhm, wrong, Antivirus 7 don't work together with apache 2.x
You must use Version 6 or the newer 8.
Its a bug in the Virusscanner, not in Apache :)