Upgrade from to 1.6.1

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Upgrade from to 1.6.1

Postby putester » 18. April 2007 20:58

Hello friends,

I upgraded my XAMPP to 1.6.1. I did the upgrade after stopping all the services, and killing the control panel (version 2.3).

Once the setup completed sucessfully, I started the control panel (still 2.3) and did a status. And the result was "XAMPP application status" - I was expecting 1.6.1.

When I launch localhost/xampp, the page says 'welcome to ... 1.6.1'.

Wonder why the discrepency?

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Postby dcm386 » 20. April 2007 03:29

I also get the message about, even though I have never had anything older than XAMPP 1.5.0 installed on this machine. So I don't think anything is wrong with your installation.
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