Having multiple domains under htdocs

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Having multiple domains under htdocs

Postby RonnyK » 13. April 2007 20:08

I've setup my domains under htdocs in a sub-directory called "www", so now I've www/www.domain1.com and www/www.domain2.com in the folder. If I change the DNS to go to my server, the default domain is opened, prompting for the XAMPP user/password. If I want to forward to the correct domain, I can change the "httpd.conf", to open a specific domain through the correct folder. Is there a way to have this being done variable instead of having to type all domains and subdomains in the httpd.conf. I basically want all domains to have the same folder-name as the domain-name is, and don't want to have to edit the conf-file for every domain/subdomain as the logic never changes.
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