passing url variables to another page using perl

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passing url variables to another page using perl

Postby rgkx » 13. April 2007 19:12

hi guys ,

What should I know in order to pass url variables to another page ?

I'm usign perl and mysql .

In php you have to modidy register global on .....

but in perl ?? ...

Thanks in advance

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Postby Codesmith » 13. April 2007 20:25

Registering globals is just a lazy shortcut, its turned off by default and only exists as an option for compatibility with old code.

The correct way to access form data in PHP is to check the system $_GET or $_POST arrays.

It works the same with PERL except you need to check

I forget how to use POST with PERL, but you can use GET by adding the data to the end of the url.
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