Help Xampp Not Work In Windows Vista

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Help Xampp Not Work In Windows Vista

Postby indra1k » 11. April 2007 15:48

I install xampp in windows vista.... But after restarting windows. Port of my Xampp is Error but if me of instal again ... xampp return correct .... But Restart .... ERRRORRRRR Again :(

I wear xampp of version 1.6.0a. Me will ask Why ?? and……..

forgiveness of if Ianguage of my english is wrong... I from indonesia.... please help me .... I wish hence windows vista and xampp .... :cry:

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Postby Codesmith » 11. April 2007 18:48

I installed XAMPP 1.6.0a and then 1.5.4 on Windows Vista Ultimate and both versions worked.

I switched to 1.5.4 because of minor issues with the xampp control panel and compatibility with Zend Platform 2.2.3.

I log on with an Administrator account and have User Access Control and Windows Firewall OFF, but I don't know if that makes any difference.

If another program is using port 80, apache will not start. So I did have to change my Skype preferences to get apache to work.

I also run another xampp server inside a VMWare virtual machine running Windows XP Pro.

If you continue to run into problems and are familiar with VMWare's products you might want to consider that as an alternative.
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