Techno dud. Complete newbie desparate

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Techno dud. Complete newbie desparate

Postby wrecker69 » 09. April 2007 16:25

:? :oops: I am a complete newbie to servers. I have just downloaded XAMPP for Windows ( I am running Windows XP Home ). Now what? I am designing my own website and need a test server. I have no clue as to what to do next, I have spent 2.5 hours searching the XAMPP site as well as the Apache friends site and I am lost. Can someone assist me? Is there somewhere I can find a completely simple step by step manual or instructions? Someone Please Help?!!

Thanks, wrecker69. :D
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Postby ManUnix » 09. April 2007 20:29

Hi wrecker69,

wrecker69 wrote:Is there somewhere I can find a completely simple step by step manual or instructions?

Have you already read the instructions on this site?

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Postby Codesmith » 09. April 2007 21:14

I am assuming that you read the documentation and have ran into a problem that it couldn't help you with.

Unfortunately you neglected to include any information about the problem you are having.

Carefully state what you are exactly what you are trying to and exactly what is going wrong and maybe someone can help you.

Are you having trouble installing XAMPP, starting XAMPP, configuring XAMPP, accessing your server from the internet?

Do you simply have no clueless about HTML/PHP and need someone to tell you what books,online resources, software you need to get started?
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