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DNS Question

PostPosted: 08. April 2007 20:06
by CJSweatt
I think I've seen bits and pieces of the answer to my question, but I'm really not at all sure if the info is correct to my situation.

Question: I just installed XAMPP and got it to work (http://localhost,

I also signed up with DynDNS. Now, here's the problem (I think)... The IP address that was bound to my DNS name must not be correct. Of course, it works on my local computer (connecting through localhost), but when I try to access my server from another machine I get a "Page not found, or cannot connect to server" error when I use the DNS name, or even when I type in my IP address.

Is there any documentation on how I can set up a DNS, and configure my IP address? I really have no idea what I'm doing wrong. My internet connection is trough a wireless router, so that may be causing some problems, too? I'm really not sure.

If any of you can help me configure my XAMPP, I would REALLY, REALLY appreciate the help!


PostPosted: 08. April 2007 23:12
by Codesmith
You need to install the update client so that the dynamic ip service always has your current ip (updates take about 5 minutes though).

If you can open a web browser and get your site locally using the dynamic ip address then that part of the equation works just fine.

If someone else can't then its a firewall/router issue.

PostPosted: 09. April 2007 12:33
by kevinduke
Have a look over at

there are descriptions how to set up routers to portforward. (ie www port 80 to your xampp server)

You will of course need to install a dyndns client as stated in the previous post.

Another thing to remember is that a lot of home routers do not support loopback which means that within your local LAN you must use http://localhost,

PostPosted: 09. April 2007 13:15
by dale04
i got that same prob last week. when u sign up and create a domain name in dyndns, your ip automatically generated to your form so you dont have to type it in. in my case, the ip generated for me is the which gives me the same results as yours(page not found), so i try the other one( and works well.

PostPosted: 09. April 2007 21:31
by Codesmith
Don't forget most people have to pay extra for a static IP, otherwise your ip address changes, sometimes as often as every time you restart your computer.

Also if you have a router or a cable modem that acts like a router, your internal ip address will differ from your external ip address.

usually an internal ip address will be 192.168.???.???. Those addresses only work inside your local network.