xampp win32 1.6.0a

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xampp win32 1.6.0a

Postby ron102 » 05. April 2007 13:58

Hi ihave one pc and ive got 2 aderress www.ronuk.org and www.genealogy-ron.org now i want them both on the same nos. *.*.*.*:80
so i dont know what to do,ive got ronuk.org running and thouhgt ide buy genealogy-ron.org now ive got it i dont how it is set up my, isp no-ip but i cant understand what they mean they keep trying to tell me but it just goes over my head.There in america im in GB different hours so its only email.Ive read the sheet "Hosting Multiple Domains with Apache and No-IP™" i set the page up but ended up reinstalling again,.Could somebody here give me a blow by blow acount on setting up a second acount re:genealogy-ron.org on the same server on the same pc with the same ip no. I ve got the second address set up right (i think) Ime running winxp sp2 ,firefox.
Ithink the second address has got to be genealogy-ron.ronuk.org coz its a vitual host

Thank's alot
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