Regaining xampp access

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Regaining xampp access

Postby atthecorner » 02. April 2007 17:17

It has been several months since I needed to run xampp for my wiki.
When I tried, I discovered that none of my passwords appeared to work.
What is the best strategy for getting back in there? There have been many
updates to windows-xp, firefox, and mcaffee, any of which could
have broken things.

I would not be against reinstalling if I knew how to save the contents
of the existing wiki.

Any thoughts?

Danke... (ok a feeble attempt at deutsch; may as well start somewhere)
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Postby lostndazed » 04. April 2007 18:14

There have been many updates to windows-xp

You might find an answer here: ... html#xpsp2
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