Installing Apache for XP Pro

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Installing Apache for XP Pro

Postby steveh » 02. April 2007 12:10

I'm a complete novice with Apache - I'm currently reading a book called C# - The Basics, and have reached a stage which tells me:
"Now that you are familiar with the rudimentary elements of HTML, let's see how we can apply our recently acquired knowledge in conjunction with C# on the Net. First and foremost you need a Web Server. Hence you will now need to install Apache. You can download Apache from and then run the installer program. Among the Apache directories, there are two sub-directories that are of importance to us, namely, cgi-bin and htdocs.

(This is online at ... /chap5.htm)

Unfortunately for me the options available at look a lot more complex than these instructions indicate. Can anyone help me to understand what I need to download please?

Many thanks,

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Postby KingCrunch » 02. April 2007 14:54

Apache Download Page
Choose a version (1.3.x, 2.0.x or 2.2.x), then look for your os (Windows XP Pro --> Win32, Unix --> Unix ;)), then click Source or Binary (MSI staller). The first one is when you want to compile the Apache by yourself. I think in your case the Installer should be the right choise ;)
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