Apache not starting after IIS instalation.

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Apache not starting after IIS instalation.

Postby Knitter » 01. April 2007 13:36

I've tryed searching the forum but failed to find any useful information, I got alot of German results, I don't understand German :)

But to the point, I'm forced to use IIS at school, I had to install the thing in my laptop. The problem is that I use the laptop for other things, and had xampp installed, I believe it to be version 1.5.4, and now I can't use it.
I can't say that it was because IIS but it was the only change I made.

I know that IIS is running in port 80, the default port, and that apache also had the same port. With that in mind I looked at the httpd.conf file in apache instalation folder and changed two lines:
"Listen 80" to "Listen 85" and "ServerName localhost:80" to "ServerName localhost:85".

That didn't work and after reading the comments on the file with more atention, I put the line "ServerName localhost:80" and mantained 85 as the listen port.

I have not tryed to re-install xampp.

Every time I try to run xampp from the control center I see the message saying appache is starting but it never start and nor the button changes to stop nor the indication that the service is running apears.

If I run port check, even after changing the listen port to 85 it says that apache http is 80, but that port is used by IIS.

Oh!, and I don't understand how to work with IIS, so if changing the IIS port is the solution I'll need some pointers ;)


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