Apache service not started [-1]

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Apache service not started [-1]

Postby elyobelyob » 30. March 2007 18:01

Hi, I can't get the service to start, I get this message when I try and start through the XAMPP control panel. I get no errors in the apache log. I can start Apache via xampp_start.exe fine.

So, is it that apache is being pointed to the wrong place? OK, well let's try setup_xampp.bat ... "Sorry, but ... nothing to do!"

Any advice?!
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Postby superwu » 01. April 2007 04:26

I met almost same error too in xampp-windows version 1.6.0.
There are some mistakes in some batch files.
It makes the apache and mysql service cannot be started.

First, in apache_installservice.bat:
This statement is wrong: net start Apache2
It should be: net start Apache2.2

And in mysql_installservice.bat:
This statement: bin\mysqld-nt --install MySQL --defaults-file="%cd%\bin\my.cnf" got wrong since there is no
found mysqld-nt.exe in xampp's mysql folder.
So, I think the statement above should be:
bin\mysqld --install MySQL --defaults-file="%cd%\bin\my.cnf"

There are also few minor mistyped error in other batch files.
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Same Error

Postby CJSweatt » 08. April 2007 01:11

I recently re-installed Xampp 1.6.0a and received the same error (Apache service not started [-1]).

Is there a fix, or an earlier version for download anywhere? I've used XAMPP before without any problems, but this version seems to be incorrectly configured...

I really need this as a testing server, but I am unable to get it working.

Any help or good (thorough) suggestions???

Thanks in advance!
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