Access from outside, but can't access inside the netork

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Access from outside, but can't access inside the netork

Postby Tcchap » 30. March 2007 16:06

I am running a server to host Moodle, which is a Learning Management System for online learners. I am trying to develop an online community of practice for teachers in my county.

Anyway, my host computer is located inside the state's network and the ip was set up to be accessible outside the network. That has been successful, the only problem is that the server is not accessible within the state's network. I know it has to be some type of a configuration issue but I haven't figured it out yet. Can anyone help me.

The site is accessible at

The problem is that when I access this site inside my network (like right now) i get a message

Sorry, we couldn't find Here are some related websites:

Does anyone have any ideas or has had experience with this.


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