Services question for smarter ppl than I..

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Services question for smarter ppl than I..

Postby meows » 28. March 2007 01:00

Hi guys and girls.
Upon installing the upgrade I found a few glitches, so I uninstalled Xampp and reinstalled the new version and all seems to be well,,( i saved all my confg and mail files..

However I quirk has developed.. I click the Xampp control upon reboot and It shows mysql started, and I can start Mercury from it, however Apahe is greyed out. I click to start and i get a error in the Event Viewer, port 80 in use, is the gist of the message.
SO I look in services and it shows
Apache2 and under desciption Apache/2.2.4 (Win32/Dav/2 etc..
and Under that it has

Apache2.2 and the same description and service started..
So I check the web site and it seems to be working but I am not sure as I am on the local computer,,
How do I get the Xampp control to link to the correct Apache please?

PS great program, it took a bit of learning, but I was amazed at the completeness,, I have added the full Perl mod and have user password protected pages and data bases all working ..
A most excellent program. But seems to be missing one thing.. where can we donate to? Using this without some recourse to the developers seems like stealing..
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