Problem with WebDAV authentication

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Problem with WebDAV authentication

Postby asinkecualo » 14. March 2007 00:13


I'm trying to set up a WebDAV shared folder with XAMPP 1.6.0a for Windows, and although the /webdav folder is accessible through the browser (http://localhost/webdav and https://localhost/webdav) I've not been able to configure it as a Network Drive, nor opening it as a webfolder with Explorer.

Firstly I tried with the default wampp/xampp (or wampp/Xampp and any combination) user/pass pair... without success.

Afeter that i tried to add new users with both htdigest and htpasswd, without success. I tried with MD5 and plain, both.

After that tried to check the configuration, and i discovered than the default installation seems to be not correct, with a webdav.htpasswd when in the webdav directory configuration is called a htpasswd.webdav file). I tried with both of them, with default and new users... and no matter, it failed again and again.

Any suggestion to get this working? What's the correct combination of parameters for htpasswd command? What encoding: md5, crypt, plain? What file name? What file permissions?

Someone can check if the default installation is working for authenticated WebDAV?

Thanks a lot for your help
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