Help with LDAP running under XAMPP

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Help with LDAP running under XAMPP

Postby vsreddy » 13. March 2007 19:47


I have been using XAMPP for some time and have never been able to get LDAP support to work under XAMPP running under windows 2000 server. I have installed the necessary DLLs int he windows\system dir, enabled the ldap setting in the php.ini file and no luck.

Is there a sure fire step by step method of knowing if I have configured it correctly and testing it?

Any help would certainly be appreciated, and anyone in NY area will get a round of beers on my if you can offer a solution that works!

thanks in advance for your help.
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Postby chiefmasta » 14. April 2007 10:05

hi, i have found the solution for your problem in an german forum.
i don't know if you still need the solution, but as i can see in the forum, many people are searching for the solution, so i'll post it.

the german solution says:
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"wichtig ist auch dass man in der php.ini im verzeichnis "C:\xampp\xampp\apache\bin" (bei xampp) den ; vor ;extension=php_ldap.dll entfernt, und anschliessen den xampp neu startet...."

in english:
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it is important, to remove the ; before ;extension=php_ldap.dll in both php.ini files (the one in the C:\xampp\xampp\apache\bin AND in C:\xampp\xampp\php\php.ini). furthermore you have to restart xampp.

it worked on my xampp installation!

hope this helps!

the link where i found the solution is
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