Strange Error in Perl

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Strange Error in Perl

Postby kk2die4 » 09. March 2007 12:41

Hi all,

I downloaded the new version of XAMPP and since then I am getting
this streange error on any perl program that tries to connect to any
website. ( If I use SOAP or use LWP ).

Programs which worked with an older version of XAMPP throw this
error. Can anyone tell me what I need to do ?

This is the error.

500 Can't locate object method configure via package Net::HTTP

My code is below

Thanks guys

my $soap;

my $lat = "41.1875";
my $lon = "286.8125 ";
my $startdate = "2007-03-09";
my $numdays = "5";
my $format = "12 hourly";

$soap = SOAP::Lite
->NDFDgenByDay(SOAP::Data->name("latitude" => $lat),
SOAP::Data->name("longitude" => $lon),
SOAP::Data->name("startDate" => $startdate),
SOAP::Data->name("numDays" => $numdays),
SOAP::Data->name("format" => $format));

print $soap->result;
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