need a how to set up users so they can use PHP

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need a how to set up users so they can use PHP

Postby meows » 09. March 2007 09:55

Hi guys and gals,
I seem to have hit a road block, I need users to be able to use PHP in their own cgi directories..
Where can I find info to set this up?
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Postby WorldDrknss » 10. March 2007 11:18

You can create a VirtualHost for each site which will allow users to have their own:
cgi-bin directory,
errors directory, //custom error pages
logs directory,
htaccess & htpasswd files.

Heres is a generator that will create a VirtualHost for you: ... irtualhost
You must create the following folders in each DocumentRoot directory before apache will restart upon using this generator: cgi-bin, errors, and logs, - XAMPP Tutorials & MORE!!!!
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