using XAMPP with CMS fails

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using XAMPP with CMS fails

Postby pastobas » 09. March 2007 00:17


I'm trying to get a PHP/MySQL/Apache based CMS working under Windows 2000.

I thought I'd save myself from configuration woes by using XAMPP. I've been able to access http://localhost/xampp/ and carry out admin tasks without a problem.

I've copied the CMS files to a folder in the Apache DocumentRoot and get the following when I try to access anything in the CMS folder:

There is a problem with this site.

Please contact the site owner mentioning the following condition code:


Thank you for your cooperation!

The Apache error log isn't written to so I've no idea where this comes form or why.

Any advice would be very much appreciated.


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Postby Wiedmann » 09. March 2007 00:27


If this is an error code, you should ask the author/support of this cms system.
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