looking for a webmin but for windows...

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looking for a webmin but for windows...

Postby ironmansp » 04. March 2007 15:42

Hello friends:

As I know webmin windows is in very alpha version.
I am looking for a software which lets me to manage virtual hosts in apache for windows xp,like webmin.why?

I am a freelance programmer and I want to load it in my portatil so I can configure easy and fast a virtual domain to show for a curtomer in apache and test if my developments work ok but without connecting really to internet. (I am living in a mountain,so internet is by modem connection there is no adsl 8-(
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Postby ntsmarkv » 04. March 2007 18:52

Apparently there is no other webmin, though I am building one from scratch.

though there are generator scripts that does it but you need to manually still add it in,

If you feel you would like to help on this project please PM me.
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