Eaccelerator safe?

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Eaccelerator safe?

Postby skylive » 03. March 2007 16:18

Hi! I am wondering if activating the Eaccelerator will compromise my server in anyway. Will it lower my server's security? What exactly does Eaccelerator do? And is it really needed, as in how much faster can it make php?
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Postby ntsmarkv » 04. March 2007 18:51

What does it do:

eAccelerator is a free open-source PHP accelerator, optimizer, and dynamic content cache. It increases the performance of PHP scripts by caching them in their compiled state, so that the overhead of compiling is almost completely eliminated. It also optimizes scripts to speed up their execution. eAccelerator typically reduces server load and increases the speed of your PHP code by 1-10 times.

Security risk's: Minimal to None
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