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ColdFusion MX7

Postby TwiddleDee » 01. March 2007 17:46

I can't get ColdFusion MX7 to play with the Apache version that gets installed with thye current version of Xampp. It does work with Apache ver 2.0.54 (was told that by someone running that version without the xampp program). How can I revert back to that version of apache and still keep the xampp? Or, does someone know what the conf should be to get MX& to run with the current version of Xampp?
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Postby walber2409 » 20. March 2007 15:08

I do have the same problem. Installing Coldfusion MX7 under Windows XP f... up Apache (version 2.2.0: is this a "apachefriends" nomenclature? Can't seem to find this version anywhere else ...).

The startup log says: "apache.exe: Syntax error on line 534 of C:/Programme/xampp/apache/conf/httpd.conf: Cannot load C:/CFusionMX7/runtime/lib/wsconfig/1/ into server: Die angegebene Prozedur wurde nicht gefunden."

Don't miss me: the path is correct; the file exists. From hearsay I take it that CF developers relied on some Apache 1.3 compatibility stuff that no longer exists in Apache versions 2.0 or more recent.
If you happened to find a solution to the problem let me on to it sending a private message. I'll do the same.

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