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port problem

Postby akshaybabloo » 27. February 2007 08:06

i am having problem with my port! it says it's alrady taken so XAMPP cannot be installed! plz help!
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Postby glitzi85 » 27. February 2007 13:01


you know, that there is a special XAMPP for Windows Board here in English?

Returning to your question:

It should not be a problem to install XAMPP, even if "your" Port is already taken. You only will get a problem when starting the Apache Webserver.

In this case you either have to modify the configuration file of the Apache (called httpd.conf) or you have to modify / uninstall / disable the other Program, using this Port.

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Postby kevinduke » 27. February 2007 14:46

And if you do not know what application is using the port run xampp-portcheck.exe (in the xampp folder) it will show you if anything eles is using port 80 etc.
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