I'm Back!

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I'm Back!

Postby WorldDrknss » 27. February 2007 05:31

I'm Back.

Hello everyone again. I am here to give you some very good news. For those who do not know me I go by WorldDrknss and was the founder of XAMPP TUTORIALS (http://xampptutorials.com) before I closed it back in december. Those who were lucky enough to see XAMPP Tutorials in it functioning days can tell you that it was not easy to find the guides related to XAMPP but when you did it was very rewarding. But what you guys did not know was before the closure of the site I have been scripting my own backend. Our new design is much easier to navigate, much faster and more powerful than any other design you seen at XAMPP TUTORIALS. Even though the site is not finished we would still like for you to head on over and check it out. I know some may be thinking why would I want to look at an unfinished site? Well that's an easy answer. We have all the old Guides and Generators up so that you can immediately begin using them. Yes they all still work for the newer versions of XAMPP. Plus we would love to receive some feedback: if you like the site, what you would like to see or be improved, report bugs, etc. Also in the near future you will be able so submit your own Guides, Reviews, Post Comments and so much more.

The big question here is; will WDGuides have all the problems seen in XAMPP Tutorials in the past?
The answer is NO!
XAMPP Tutorials old staff did not fall over to WDGuides - We have a new mature staff this time to eliminate all problems we had in the past.
Most of them have there own web sites and poweful networks.
All our staff members have a Degree or currently pursuing a Degree and are very knowledgable.

Please leave all comments at WDGuides.
As requested by Wiedmann in the past, please do not cross post. Any cross posts will be deleted.

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