is webmin only included in linux version?

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is webmin only included in linux version?

Postby ironmansp » 26. February 2007 16:16

is it not posible to include webmin windows version in perl 5.8 add-on?
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Postby JKMickelson » 26. February 2007 22:22

I believe that webmin makes explicit use of linux commands and the linux environment within the perl scripts. This would make it unusable under windows. I would like to be wrong about this as webmin is a useful tool.

Because webmin uses the linux environment, it is not (or was not) compatible "out-of-the-box" with XAMPP. I have seen some alpha-like packages to convert webmin for use with XAMPP.

If someone can clarify the status and the intent of webmin working within XAMPP, it would be appreciated.

Thank you.
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Webmin on Windows

Postby Ado1407 » 24. April 2007 18:17

Hello every one,

I simply visited the Webmin site and saw they do have a version for Windows.

However, you have to read carefully how to install upon Windows...

Check the menu on the left side " Installing on windows"

Install and enjoy!

Oh ! By the way, a special thanks to all of you posting solutions for problems.

I often find here answer to my questions.
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