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Newbie and confused

PostPosted: 24. February 2007 23:04
by SmokingMan
I just installed XAMPP so I can run PHP scripts on my local machine. I am learning PHP and didn't want to bother uploading scripts to my hosting server to try them out. That being said, how do I run XAMPP so I can try practice scripts, and where do I load them so they will run on my machine?

I've tried to find documentation for using the different services, but I can't seem to find what I need. Can someone point me to a resource that will instruct dummies like me on how to use XAMPP for PHP development on my local machine?

At least something to help newbies like me get started.

PostPosted: 25. February 2007 15:53
by april
try this topic. These guides will walk you through to process of setting up a virtual host(which is what you want). It doesn't matter whether you installed Xampp light or normal Xampp, you should still be able to find these files and set up a virtual host.

PostPosted: 25. February 2007 21:44
by SmokingMan
Thanks for the help. After looking at some of the documentation, I can see I've got some work ahead of me. But at least now I have a starting point. Thanks again! :D