XAMPP under VISTA Ultimate x64

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XAMPP under VISTA Ultimate x64

Postby brianjcook » 23. February 2007 19:40

Does anyone have XAMPP running under VISTA Ultimate x64?


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Postby eokorie » 25. February 2007 01:18

XAMPP installs and runs fine under vista x64.
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Postby westond » 28. February 2007 07:07

Im having issues getting Apache to run under Vista Ultimate 64. I can only guess its a permissions problem but I cant lock it down.

MySql starts fine but Apache just wont do it. Ive checked for IIs and its not running, the XAmpp controll pannel wont start apache, nor will running it direct. When I ran Apache in admin mode it did install the service, but the service is stopped by default and Vista wont allow me to start the service.

Ive tried the zip/copy install and the window installer version and neither has any effect. Im a step away from just running a Win2k VM for development.. but would really like to know whats going on in Vista.
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Postby ntsmarkv » 04. March 2007 19:51

ONE major problem with Windows vista noone knows about is there is NO DOS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

no dos no Xampp.. if you have retail version won't work all vista programming core is VB not c++ anymore.
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