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Trac Addin

Postby mika » 22. February 2007 16:16

Hi Guys,

I would love to see you guys add a Trac addin to your wonderful list of software. Trac is something that is pretty difficult to install so a addin would be very welcome. Also subversion would have to be included too.

I think it would be a very popular addin too as there are plenty of developers who generally don't want to waste lots of time with setting this stuff up but would love to use it if it was easier.

So, what do you guys think?
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Postby mika » 28. February 2007 05:48

Should I assume that this is not an option?
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Re: Trac Addin

Postby ynzheng » 12. December 2008 21:22

is there any addons for trac with xampp?
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Re: Trac Addin

Postby Sharley » 12. December 2008 21:54

All XAMPP Addons past and present are here at the SourceForge Repository:

You have a specific Addon question then post it here to catch the eye of the Addon guru perhaps:
Give as much details as you can with links and demos to help cut the research time.
(It is possible to post in this forum in English but cross posting and double posting will be equally frowned upon with the possibility of your threads/posts being completely ignored).

There is no need to double post in here - please delete your other thread, thanks.
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