xampp - cant get it to work!

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xampp - cant get it to work!

Postby skatingbishop » 19. February 2007 10:59

I have tried both WAMP and XAMPP but I cant get it to work at all. No problems during install, and it shows that all services are running. But I cant get the "demo" pages to work - and no other pages for that matter. All i get is the message that the browser is trying to connect to localhost. But nothing happens.

I read somewhere that it could be some problems with port 80. When I use the command "netstat -an" it shows that the computer doesnt seem to be "listening" to port 80. Can that be the reason? I am also using a integrated firewall in my router, but as I am only using the "webserver" locally on my machine I didnt think that would matter?

My goal is to work with XAMPP and dreamweaver and to use XAMPP as a testserver. I have gone through several tutorials on how to set things up, but nothings seems to be working.

Could you provide me with some tips, or a checklist of where to start looking for the problem?

oh, and by the way I am using windows XP Pro with SP2.
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