backdoor in xampp-win32-devel-1.6

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backdoor in xampp-win32-devel-1.6

Postby kiang » 17. February 2007 16:21

My anti-virus program told me the following message when extracting the package:

Virus or unwanted program 'BDS/Padodor.IL'
detected in file 'C:\Documents and Settings\kiang\Desktop\xampp-win32-devel\openssl\out32dll\sha256t.exe' [BDS/Padodor.IL].
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backdoor in xampp-win32-devel-1.6

Postby jta » 09. April 2007 16:32

Does anyone have any more information regarding the trojan finding in xampp-win32-devel-1.6?

I downloaded the most recent xampp for windows (1.6.0a) on 3-April-2007 and Symantec AntiVirus believes there is a Backdoor.Trojan in xampp-win32-devel/openssl/out32dll/sha256t.exe.

I found the trojan faq for pv.exe, but it doesn't match the current case: ... .html#kill
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Postby kenmcd » 09. April 2007 22:08

Other AV vendors fixed this false positive months ago.
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Postby Codesmith » 10. April 2007 20:26

Solution, uninstall Norton. :)

Install free version of Avast or AVG. They work, they are free and they don't install a dozen performance stealing processes.

Or pay for NOD32, its the only one worth paying for your home computer.
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backdoor in xampp-win32-devel-1.6

Postby jta » 11. April 2007 04:20

Codesmith wrote:
Solution, uninstall Norton :)

Better yet, uninstall Windows. oops, that's right -- I'm the one who asked for an update for information about Windows. :P

Seriously, thanks for the confirmation that this is a false positive. That's what was really needed in this case using a Windows machine whose owner requires Norton.
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