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An other problem with MySql

PostPosted: 16. February 2007 02:00
by kamui89
Well hello, this is my first time troubleshooting with mysql, so i'm lost.
I installed Xampplite in my USB pen, and i started apache and MySql, i opened "http://localhost/phpmyadmin/", and i tried to create a new database with the name of "wordpress", but for some reason it doesn’t let me create it.
the error that prompts me its this
Code: Select all
MySQL ha dicho: 

#1064 - You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near '' at line 1

Thanks :oops:

PostPosted: 16. February 2007 09:25
by Wiedmann
and i tried to create a new database

How did you do that? (exact steps)

PostPosted: 16. February 2007 21:58
by kamui89
I followed the steps in this tutorial

PostPosted: 16. February 2007 22:30
by Wiedmann
OK. For the other readers here:

- You have start phpMyAdmin with "http://localhost/phpMyAdmin"
- On the mainpage from phpMyAdmin you have enter the word "wordpress" in the empty field.
- You have hit on the button "create database".

At this point you see the error message?

PostPosted: 16. February 2007 23:04
by kamui89
yes :oops:

PostPosted: 16. February 2007 23:11
by Wiedmann
I installed Xampplite in my USB pen,

XAMPP Lite Version ?

Installed with installer exe / 7zip exe / archive zip?

PostPosted: 16. February 2007 23:22
by kamui89
Both, first i installed the little (exe file) and it give me that error, so i uninstalled it and i installed the normal version and it also give me that error.

PostPosted: 17. February 2007 00:05
by kamui89
well for some reason i tried it in an other machine and it works.... xD.... so i think that the problem was the first.