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Will Xampp work for me??

PostPosted: 14. February 2007 11:53
by coldturkey
Hi there, i own a small cafe in the town center and want to offer free internet access to my customers... and not to the local residents (who use it at the moment).

i believe if i set up Xampp I could do this? - i want to allow automatic dhcp, however when they log on I want it to go to MY own Website, which will require a UserName and Password... which I want to change on a daily basis.

I want to offer this rather than assigning mac addresses to a router, or allowing neighbours free internet if they are not spending $$ at my cafe!!

Will this software do what I want, and where do i start looking?

PostPosted: 14. February 2007 21:04
by Killerfrog
You didn't get it.

Xampp let you host web services such as webpages (html, php etc, but not asp), email server, ftp server and mysql database.

There is no such thing that Xampp do about routing connections... What you need is a router !!!

To host your webpage, a simple and free way is to use Xampp and you will need a domain (.com adress or something like that). Do some research at google and you will find multiples how to build a server. If you speak French, I've did a little how to on my website at ... &Itemid=64

good luck

PostPosted: 15. February 2007 12:42
by coldturkey
i have a solved the routing problem... I am using NAT32 on my PC (With Wireless card that can also be a AP). I have also been able to allow other computers to connect to this network.

what i need to now is have anyone who joins this network be pointed to MY login page, where I can issuse a username and password to my customers so that by only using this username and password can they access the internet...