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Postby webmax » 13. February 2007 18:12

I've been using XAMP on Windows XP SP2 for some time configured with PHP 4. I have some code which uses mime_content_type and it works fine in PHP 4.

I've now switched to PHP 5 and I can't get it to work. I've checked my php.ini and made sure that extension=php_mime_magic.dll is uncommented, and I've tried various combinations of
mime_magic.magicfile = "c:\xampp\php\extras\magic.mime"
mime_magic.debug = On

I've tried it without the .mime extension as suggested on many other forums, but all I get when I run the code is...

Warning: mime_content_type() []: mime_magic not initialized in D:\private\file_upload\index.php on line 40

which is where mime_content_type() is called.

Any suggestions please.
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