XAMPP & You and windows and your isp and your router and

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XAMPP & You and windows and your isp and your router and

Postby ArborBarber » 13. February 2007 17:36

I just want to say, you guys rock! Thanks for your hard work at helping us noobs and vets in getting xampp up and running.
If port 80 shows up as open could the port still be throttled by the isp?
If port 80 is throttled would that cause web pages to be displayed as very generic/default looking web pages ( page is left justified/no images/links broken)?
I can connect to my blog from the lan/wan but the blog is not right (through port 80). I did the xampp install and everything goes according to plan. Here's a quick run down of the install process..
1). Create an exception in win FW...80,443,3066.
2). create static ip for local host.
3). port forward router to host pc.
4). setup a static domain name with dyndns/download update client.
5). check browser...can still connect to net.
6). download xampp, install as service.
7). check status page on xampp-ok.
8). setup security/password.
9). create db (wordpress/utf8_unicode_ci) in myphp. Hit create.
10). unzip wordpress to htdocs. Wordpress creates a folder in htdocs and installs to the wordpress folder. c:/program files/xampp/htdocs/wordpress
11). modify wp-config-sample.php, save as wp-config.php
define('DB_NAME', 'wordpress'); // The name of the database
define('DB_USER', 'root'); // Your MySQL username
define('DB_PASSWORD', ''); // ...and password
define('DB_HOST', 'localhost'); // 99% chance you won't need to change this value.
12). start wordpress where it installs the tables and configures mysql.
There are a few of us right now that just can't seem to get it right. I can connect but the page doesn't display right. Is there something I'm missing here or not fully setting up? Could this be a privilge issue not being setup right. Do I need to move an index.php file? This really is a bad drug...I just can't seem to walk away from it...Thanks in advance for any advice/help. I'm not going to give up!
A couple things that might also help, we've unistalled and reinstalled xampp more then a few times, could this be a problem? I know everyone here is extremely busy and that this is probably more of a wordpress issue, even so know that your help is greatly appreciated!
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Postby meows » 15. February 2007 11:56

err.. nice post.. but exactly what is your question?
or specific problem you are having?
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Postby ArborBarber » 15. February 2007 15:51

There were alot of questions...

1). Does a throttled port 80 break a webpage (links,page template)?

2). From the above problem, "when connecting from the wan and lan the web page does not display correct(however it does connect to a degree) and the links on the page are broken. I'm using the default template from wordpress, I haven't done any adding to the template, the existing links included with the template are broken when connected to the webpage. Does it sound like I'm missing a DB privilge or index file for the page?

3). I'm using wordpress and have it installed correctly ( maybe just not completely installed?). It shows up in myphp under datebases...wordpress (10).

4). I've done multiple installs/uninstalls of xampp. Could this be a problem with future installs of xampp? Xampp doesn't completely uninstall from windows...empty folders/etc, just wondering if this would effect future installs of xampp?

5). If I suspect that my isp (comcast) has throttled port 80, what alternative port would be best? I've tried to change the "listen" function to 8080, shut down apache and restart it. Could not connect, I suspect there maybe be an issue with 8080. I've done several port scans and all say these ports are open. I did a scan using the w3c validation tool. It said there was a server side error?

I know this more then likely is WP related, but maybe someone here has been down this path and could help. Thanks!
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Postby Wiedmann » 15. February 2007 16:21

"when connecting from the wan and lan the web page does not display correct

If you can't see your webpage from lan, you have a primary problem...
(BTW: with wan you mean your internet link?)

Does a throttled port 80 break a webpage

... regardless of additional problems with your internet link.

I'm using wordpress and have it installed correctly

You can see the XAMPP demopages?
If yes, you should ask in a wordpress forum / the wordpress support how to install and configure this software.
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Postby ArborBarber » 16. February 2007 02:16

Thanks for the reply, I can see my page from the net and my lan. The page however is broken, but I do think you're correct in stating it's probably a wordpress issue.

Does a throttled port break pages?

When I choose to change the port that apache defaults to (80) is the "listen 80" the only file that needs to be changed?

Would there be an update/file edit I need to make in mysql also?

Is there a manual for apache that might help me..."Apache For Dummies" in english...that you can recommend?

If a port is scanned as open yet it's throttled it causes all kinds of incorrect diagnostics. At least if a port is blocked you can choose another one, you KNOW thats the problem then.

I think everything is ok with xampp except possibly the port selection.

Wied, I know you probably get tired of hand holding and answering the same old questions over and over again, but this may be something new you're going to start seeing with isps and connection issues. Thanks for taking the time to reply.

Yes, I can see and setup(security) the xammp splash screen. I can also run the art demos...which brings me back to wondering if the damn port is throttled. This is what's so frustrating. I guess I could connect with broadband.com to check bandwidth on port 80. I also understand what you're saying about the demoscreen-if I can connect to the demoscreen xampp is installed correctly.
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